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Project Description
This project illustrates how to use a reporting services report to list all files related to a CRM account. This includes files attached directly to the account or via related objects (e.g. contacts, opportunities, cases), and also includes both file and email attachments.

Most of the work is done in the SQL, which I've written as a set of SQL views for ease of reading, rather than embedding all the SQL in the report.

The project also illustrates how to link to CRM objects, within a report, as the report contains reporting services actions to display the CRM entity forms, and also actions on each file to link to the CRM file download dialog.

The report is intended to be used from a button on the account form defined in ISV.config.xml. See the article posted on the MSCRM Team Blog ( for more information on this technique.

To install the report, follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.

For more information, see my blog article (

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